Angular Limb Deformities in Foals

Here at Gow Equine we have had the pleasure of foaling four mares this season, with one still to come! In our previous blogs we have spoken about the entire process from breeding stallion and mare, to the birth of the foal. Once the foal is born we need to give them every chance to […]

Latest News From Gow Equine

As you will have read over the last couple of weeks we have been very busy with foaling mares and dealing with the different issues that arise with foals once they have been born. It’s a tricky time of year for everyone involved, late nights are followed by early mornings and after a long winter […]

Dealing with a Sick Foal at Gow Equine

Here at Gow Equine, we always hope that foaling goes well and that both the mare and her foal are happy and healthy! Unfortunately something we need to consider is that this is not always the case and some foals are born quite sick and require immediate attention by a vet. Sometimes enough is done […]

Mofeyda ‘18

Foal details: Chestnut filly with 4 white socks and a white blaze By Poets Voice Out of Mofeyda – dam of 5 winners from 6 runners and 9 foals. Born at 8:54am on 08.04.2018 weighing 62.5kg Mofeyda ‘18 is a very intelligent and smart filly, although only just days old she has proved her intelligence within hours […]

Fostering a Foal

Nature generally has itself pretty worked out, the most amazing processes happen between mother and foal to ensure both of their survival. The way the mother lies down to get the foal into the correct position; the way the mare produces milk and how the process is triggered when she is about to foal down; […]

Caring for a foal after birth

When is foal is born they lack both physical strength, and a strong immune system. They spend a long time curled up inside mum, nice and warm with everything they need given to them through a tube, and only the smallest movements necessary to grow. Suddenly they are required to stand and suckle on their […]

The Foaling Process

Over our last few blogs we have discussed how to prepare a mare for cover, all you need to know about boarding a mare who is pregnant, and what you need on hand when foaling time comes around. Now starts the fun part, actually seeing the fruits of her labour (and ours!) in the form […]

Its Foaling Time – Here’s Our Inside Guide!

Here at GOW Equine we are constantly looking for ways to be better at what we do, to make a horses life as smooth and easy as possible. When it comes to our mares and their foals we like to take extra care to make sure we are ready for anything they might throw at […]

All You Need to Know About Boarding Mares at Stud

When a new mare is set to arrive at the GOW Equine Stud, there are a few things that have to be done before she can join our herd. Boarding a mare at stud is when a pregnant mare arrives at a stud farm to have her foal, which is referred to as foaling down. […]