“The team at GOW Equine have been invaluable in assisting us at EQ Mach. Their data has shown the efficiency of our product in performance. The heart rate data clearly demonstrated improved recovery for the horses using EQ Mach.

GOW Equine are a must have addition to any performance equine environment”


Tom Oliver – Director EQmach / www.equine-uk.com



Baileys Horse Feeds

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 17.18.35“I have worked with the founder of Gow Equine, Jamie Peel, for 6 years now whilst he has been managing High Goal Polo yards and have always found Jamie a true professional who always listens and takes on board advice, tries it and will then form an opinion; rather than forming an opinion without trying the suggestions I make! Therefore when Gow Equine began I was happy to become associated knowing that the idea of ‘dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s’ for a horses fitness thorough the use of weighing and monitoring the heart rates could only be of benefit in reaching the goals we ask of equine athletes.  Whilst working with Gow Equine this summer I have found them an extremely friendly, efficient and professional team.”

Lorna Edgar (BSc Hons), Equine Nutritionist, Baileys Horse Feeds