Heart rate data gives you the ability to precisely monitor each individual horses warm up, performance and recovery. Being able to spot fatigue is crucial to avoiding injury. Our live play analysis enables us to accurately monitor up to 20 horses at any one time. We are currently using live play in disciplines including polo, show jumping and dressage.

Speed and distance data can be central to a horses training programme. With our Equinity system we are able to compare intricate details that impact on your horse’s performance. Whether you are working on the gallops or cross-country we can pin point their strengths and weaknesses.

The detailed data obtained by GOW Equine enables our clients to actively grow their horse’s profile, giving them the ability to assess injuries and trends. Providing accurate facts and figures for each individual horse is becoming a crucial marketing tool.

Our equipment is also used by professional sporting teams to monitor and analyse performance. All our heart rate monitors are either installed on a girth sleeve or built into our custom made girths.


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